Come in and get your very own VID Card.

VID Card


What is the Red Arrow VID card?
The Red Arrow Diner VID Card is our Very Important Diner Card that will reward YOU for being one of our Very Important Diners! Each dollar you spend at the diner will count as 1 point. When you accrue 100 points, the register will automatically print out a $5.00 voucher for you to use on your next visit or right away for any of our Red Arrow Diner merchandise!

Why should I have a Red Arrow VID Card?
We think 
you'd be crazy if you didn't! :-)

How do I redeem my points?
One purchase dollar accrues one point ($.50 or higher is rounded up).

Does the Red Arrow Diner VID Card ever expire?
If there is no activity for one year, then the points will expire.

Can I use my VID Card at both Red Arrow Diner locations?
No. At this time, if you get a VID Card or a Gift Certificate from one Red Arrow Diner location, it CANNOT be used at the other location.

What is the price of a Red Arrow Diner VID Card?
Nothing! The VID card is FREE!

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