Quickly becoming one of our favorite places, the Red Arrow Diner scored yet another direct hit with the public of Manchester, New Hampshire this weekend. On Saturday beginning at 11 am, WQLL-FM, 96.5 broadcast live in front of the diner, playing oldies and attracting customers new and regular to the downtown hotspot. And after this weekend, dinner is the only meal we have left to sample (and perhaps a late night stop). During this visit, we enjoyed a good hearty breakfast which included the diner's chili omelet, an unusual concoction, but grilled without a hint of browning. Whoever Carol has working the grill obviously knows his trade. Also, the coffee in this place is among the best we've tried. We hung around long enough to justify a piece of pie, and we tried the diner's own splendid brownie cream pie and the soul-satisfying coconut cream pie.

We couldn't be happier for Carol and crew for the newfound and well-deserved popularity of this venerable diner. By sticking to the simple formula of good food, low prices, courteous service, and clean atmosphere, the Red Arrow packs 'em in

Roadside Magazine 07-18-1998

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