Best Breakfast

If there's one meal a diner does best, it's breakfast, and the Red Arrow is no exception. Omelettes, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, french toast,-- you name, they make it. And it's quick, cheap and available 24 hours a day.

Best Grilled Cheese

There is nothing quite as comforting as a grilled cheese sandwich, Healthy, maybe not, but soothing.
The Red Arrow Diner has been making these babies for a long time and has the formula down pat.
Add bacon and/or tomato for a little zip.

Best Cheap Eats

Feed three people, sit-down style, for $20.00?. Believe it!!!
A burger, a grilled cheese, coffee, sodas, fries with gravy, chicken tenders, two pieces of pie and--Tah Dah!!!-- you are full!!!!
And you waddle home.

Best Place to Go After Last Call

Open 24 hours, the Red Arrow Diner is just about the only place to go after last call,
unless you count the hotdog stand that usually is parked in front of the Brimmer. After three or four cups of Red Arrow coffee
a grilled cheese and a slice of pie, you just might be in good enough shape to drive home.

Hippo Press 03-06-2006

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