OUR VISION is to see the Red Arrow Diner being accessible to everyone across America who have been hearing about the 'Red Arrow 24 Hr Diner' experience. We will work tirelessly to be sure that the experience our customers receive in the very first Red Arrow Diner is the same wonderful experience everywhere.

What are the requirements to be a franchisee? Do you Qualify?

Firstly, we want outgoing personalities. This is a people business and the tradition of the Red Arrow of putting fun into a dining experience is who we are. You must also understand that we are looking for Owner/Operators. You or a partner must be involved in the day to day operations of your Red Arrow 24 Hour Diner.

Secondly, your history must be one that shows us you have a great work ethic. This is a fast paced, ever changing business and we must always strive to increase sales in our 48 seat family environment.

Thirdly, you must be a visionary and a team player. No man is an island here. We expect to benefit as franchisors and franchisees in a system of talent that shares experiences for the improvement of sales and profits, always finding ways to improve what we do.

Fourthly, you must have the passion and drive to persevere and to stay focused on the goals, through the tough times. The Red Arrow team will always be there to lend a helping hand, but that does not replace your drive to be successful, and

Finally, you must have a minimum net worth of $450,000 with liquid assets of $125,000. A restaurant background is helpful, but not always necessary. Your other qualifications have more weight with us. We are looking for dedicated partners in our journey.


Application Process:

1. To be considered you must complete an application and submit it to the Red Arrow corporate headquarters via mail or email.

2. The Red Arrow executive staff will review your application, consider your qualifications and will contact you to let you know our decision.

3. If our decision is favorable, you will be invited for an interview to review our DD-FA, the franchise agreement and to answer any of you initial questions.

4. You will then be given an opportunity to review those documents with your support team, attorneys, etc. and will then return to meet the rest of the executive team, to answer any further questions and to sign the franchise agreement.

5. Start your site selection search with support and approval from the Red Arrow team. After a site is approved, the process for site development will start.

6. Schedule the six weeks training for you and two of your designated managers/supervisory employees. This will be six consecutive weeks of class room and on the job training.

7. Pre-Opening checklist from securing local vendors to hiring all employees.

8. Grand Opening - start to see the fruits of all your hard work in preparing for this moment. Your franchise consultant will be with you for the first two weeks and on an as needed basis there often to help ensure a proper introduction of The Red Arrow 24 Hour Diner to your community.

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